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“An Awesome Dentist”

A crown had popped off and I had called to make an appointment early in the morning. That got me in the same day. Unfortunately, the crown doesn’t fit anymore so I have to get a new one. Luckily he was able to put the crown back on until I get a new one on. Dr. Mortenson is an awesome dentist. I love him and his assistants. They are so friendly and welcoming. Would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

Christina C.

“Top Notch In My Book”

What a great place! Everyone is courteous and so efficient. Had a filling yesterday and never even felt the shot. Top notch in my book! Thank you, Josh and staff.

Ken C.

“They Wanted To Make Everyone Comfortable”

First of all, just making the appointment was great and I was unsure of some insurance questions and the person on the phone was extremely helpful. All staff was extremely kind and you could see they wanted to make everyone comfortable, which is really important to me having anxiety with dentists. Once we got into the back, they were very detailed with any question I had and really explained their process. I also really loved that they walk you to the front and explain to the staff in the front what needs to be said. Makes perfect sense, but most doctors you go to, you have to go to the front and explain everything for your next appointment. I will recommend this office to everyone!

Racheal G.

“Dentist Was Personable and Professional”

Cleaning was done in a very personable and professional manner. Xrays taken comfortably; evaluation of xrays and subsequent exam but Dentist was also personable and professional. Follow up visit appointment made to fit my time and schedule easily as requested. Very satisfied with visit and all persons involved at the office.

John A.

“Friendly Staff & Very Efficient”

Wouldn’t even consider another dentistry. Friendly staff, and very efficient. I’ve been a patient for approximately 20 years. The office is state of the art and provides multiple services for your dental needs. I had the most comprehensive dental exam I have ever had. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a dental facility to choose Adept Dental.

Shawn R.

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